About Our Team

2021-12-22T07:47:20+00:00About Greentree Automotive|

I’d like to highlight and thank my crew:

  • Dave, who brings 25 years of Toyota experience to the group
  • Sean, with  20 years of a heavy combination of Subaru Honda Toyota experience
  • Harlin, who knows the internals of Subaru engine better than just about any one. He has an amazing natural mechanical gift and personal drive that is nothing but stellar.
  • Guy, who is new to us but has 30 years of general automotive background we are happy to have him on board
  • And me (Andy) started with Subaru in 1991 and a hefty knowledge of everything Subaru has on the road today

We have an amazing mix of skills in our team that really make both of our shops shine when it comes right down to diagnosing and repairing every part of your Subaru and the most popular Asian cars in the Gorge.