We have dropped all European cars.  The #1 reason is that our supplier for these cars has stopped over 50% of their deliveries.  Even oil changes are complex because there are some unique fluids and filters are not stocked locally, and we do not have the room to store fluids for these cars.

Also VW’s cheating the world has crippled many of the VW and Audi parts suppliers.  Everyone that carries these parts also carries other European car parts.  This has had a huge impact on European parts availability.  I have had conversations with number of VW owners that are upset because we have worked on there cars in the past and all they want is an oil change.  Distribution of the required materials has changed, so we can’t perform the same timely service.  

Because we can’t stock what it takes to service your car efficiently, it’s best for you to find a shop stocks the necessary supplies.

Our Supplier for European Parts/Supplies Isn't Delivering

European Parts Distribution has been hobbled in our area.  We would rather not perform a service for you for which we can not complete the job in a timely and affordable manner.