Winter Tire Tips

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Let’s talk about winter tires. The recent storm has made me think I should share some tips and thoughts about winter driving and the tires you should have on your vehicle.

Winter tires

If you have just installed an aggressive set of studded winter tires do not think you’re invincible–you’re not even if your car seems to be like superman. Things didn’t turn out that well for him. LOL

Things to avoid with winter tires.

Aggressive driving. Stopping taking off and stopping in an aggressive manner. This wears your tires faster than normal tires and damages or even rips studs out. Aggressive driving lessens the lifespan of winter tires drastically. They’re made of softer rubbers than summer tires.

Choosing the right tire for winter here is tough. We have such a weird mix of winter weather and even weirder drive cycles and roads. Given that we bounce in and out of freezing till May, there are a variety of things to consider.

Local drivers that don’t do a lot of highway driving but do commute early in the morning when it’s icy. Drivers who have steep hills/driveways or ski benefit most from studded winter tires.

People that commute to Portland, The Dalles, or do just a lot of highway driving may want studdless winter tires. They have a quieter, smoother feel at higher speeds and do not wear our roads out as fast. They still deliver a modest amount of traction when it’s really bad.

Drivers that can avoid driving when it’s really bad often times are just as well off with an aggressive all season tire that fits their particular type of car and driving habits. And an all-wheel drive car like a Subaru might be a wise choice.

Studded Tires pros and […]