Environmentally Conscientious
Automotive Repair

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We process and recyle wastewater, oil and oil cans.
Very little is thrown out.
Our top-of-the-line insulation means energy thriftiness.

We use a high volume of
Genuine Subaru Parts

That’s lets us use Genuine Subaru Parts
at the same price others use aftermarket parts.
We stock a huge inventory, which means we fix your car quicker.

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 We may not be the cheapest
but we provide the best value

You can always find cheaper.
But often that means lousy work.

Compare our training
to any other shop in The Gorge

We know our stuff.

Our Customer’s Loyalty
is our best testimonial

We have services many customers for decades.

Everything from oil changes
to sophisticated diagnostic/repair work

We do it all.  No one has more experience.

Same Price in White Salmon and Hood River

We don’t want sales tax to scare you away.  Same price on both sides of the river.

Loaner Cars

Let us know if you need a loaner car.
They’re usually available.  Call us first.